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Everything we do is a matter of heart, body and soul.

from flower to bottle

Our sustainability commitment

We strive to form profound partnerships with farmers from all over the world to create perspective together and form healthy working relationships built on trust and respect. Everything we do is a matter of heart, body and soul.
our promise

Dedication to Quality

We should perhaps pause a moment here to consider the difference between lily and lily of the valley. These two botanics are but distant cousins, with lily being rendered in perfumery as a heady, spicy, white floral. Lily itself can be many things, but those can include sombre, heady, serious and funereal. Lily of the valley on the other hand is a more youthful, green, dewy cousin. It can have spicy facets, even lemony or rosy facets too, but it is often portrayed in a cheerful, optimistic manner – harbinger of spring and herald of May as it is.
our mission

Representing the perfume industry and raising awareness

Consolidate new market segments within the perfume and cosmetics sector to meet the demands of the 21st century consumer. Represent the interests of small and medium European manufacturers, professionals and artisans from the perfume and cosmetics sector before the Public Administration, civil society and private companies and organizations. Encourage free market and consumer rights as key principles in the European Union. Enhanceconsumer awareness of the perfume and cosmetic products manufacturing processes. Raise awareness of the different fragrance families traditionally used by the perfume industry, the different scents involved and how to identify them.
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